As you can see from the reviews below, the Panasonic KX-TG6512 is a great phone, that won't break the budget. Customers who have purchased the KX-TG6512 rave about the large LED display, prominent buttons, long range, call blocking, multiple ringtones, and even the ability to set it silent for a specific period of time.

The overwhelming majority of customers have given the Panasonic KX-TG6512 5 star reviews on Amazon, but see for yourself. Without a doubt, the KX-TG6512 reviews speak for themselves. To see all of the reviews, click here.

4 Stars - Great and a great value, September 10, 2010
The surprise feature I like most about this phone is that you can set it to silent for a specified time period. No more being woke up by spam calls !!!!

5 Stars - Greatest cordless phones ever!!!, August 1, 2010
I cannot speak highly enough about these cordless phones. They are the best I've ever owned. I love how they fit my hand, the large led display, speaker phone is great, as are all of the other features. I can't find one thing wrong with my Panasonic KX-TG6512. It took me a long time to decide on replacement phones for my old ones. I am so happy I chose these. Amazon.com came through for me again!


5 Stars - Nice cordless phones for the price, July 6, 2010
These phones are a great value. I purchased this phone because it does not have an answering machine. I use voicemail, and didn't want to pay for a function or deal with a more complicated phone than I needed. The sound quality is excellent! I love the big caller ID - very easy to see the caller list with names & phone numbers. The voicemail shortcut button is a nice feature. This phone has prominent Speaker Phone and Flash (call waiting) buttons. While you're on a call, a Mute button becomes available, which is very important in my household with all of the kids and dogs! I use this phone in my big backyard, and it has a very long range. The only feature that I'd like to see added is a "Do not Disturb" button to turn the ringer off and send all calls directly to voicemail. However, I can access this feature through my phone company's voicemail system online. Overall, this phone sounds great, has a very long range, and all of the features that I need without an answering machine. It's a great value, and highly recommend it.

5 Stars - Excellent phone with a very good price, May 31, 2010
For the little money you are spending, you will be getting a very good phone with great range and battery life. The sound is just crystal clear.

5 Stars - Good quality phones & a great value, August 25, 2010
These phones seem to be really nice quality. They were priced well; I was looking for a nice set of phones for under $50 and these fit the bill. They have all sorts of features including call blocking, multiple ring tones and ring tone melodies. The speaker phone feature sounds clear and crisp as does the regular hand set. One of the coolest features as far as I'm concerned is the use of standard AAA rechargeable batteries instead of some unusual battery pack like most use. This way when the batteries begin to not hold a charge in a few years it's super easy to replace them and fairly inexpensive. The range is really good on these things too. I can go anywhere in my house and the sound is crystal clear and the phone never leaves ECO mode which is a mode where the transmitter in the phone works on lower power when the phones are near enough to the base; the feature saves power. The phones were really easy to program too. Very intuitive menu and a nice, large display that shows the date and time when the phone is not in use.

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